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Why are asset-based finance (ABF) finance transactions so complex and difficult to manage? Is technology really the structured finance panacea that it is made out to be? How can emerging technology facilitate ABF transactions, and what are its limitations? Is AI just a buzzword, or will it meaningfully change how companies structure their debt agreements? How might the ABF space evolve and innovate in the next few years?

In this 17-minute interview, hosted by ABF Journal's Managing Editor Phil Neuffer, Finley Co-Founder and CEO Jeremy Tsui explains why ABF transactions are operationally complex and how emerging technology "needs to be 10x better than incumbent solutions" to gain adoption in the ABF industry.

To watch the interview, check out the links below:

👉 Watch the interview on ABF Journal's website

👉 Watch the interview on Vimeo

What you'll learn

  • (1:38) Jeremy introduces Finley Technologies
  • (2:09) How assets make ABF transactions difficult to manage and operationally complex
  • (2:59) How Jeremy's experience in debt financing at Goldman Sachs led him to co-found Finley to help companies track their assets and manage ABF transactions
  • (4:27) Why ABF transactions can be burdensome due to the many parties involved and the lack of a central source of truth
  • (6:15) How ABF providers can make their loan management processes easier and more accessible
  • (7:35) The extent of technology's role in improving ABF transactions
  • (10:06) What the reality of AI's role is in ABF
  • (12:18) What OCR is and an example of its use case in the private credit space
  • (12:59) Why the ABF space has been resistant to technological innovation and how technology needs to evolve to be adopted into the ABF industry
  • (15:02) How the ABF landscape will continue to evolve in the next five to ten years, especially in relation to emerging technologies

About Jeremy Tsui and ABFJ

Jeremy Tsui is the Co-Founder and CEO of Finley, a debt capital software platform. He was previously in the Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs, where he made investments in software, real estate, and other companies. Prior to Goldman Sachs, Jeremy was at Oliver Wyman, where he specialized in financial analysis, scenario modeling, and stress testing for major banks. Jeremy also loves side hustles: he has launched a secondhand bike shop, a chain of escape rooms, and an Instagram museum. He graduated from the University of Texas.

ABFJ magazine was launched in 2002 as the first independent trade finance magazine focused on the asset-based lending, factoring, commercial finance and turnaround management industries. They deliver informational publications on a wide variety of topics--such as executive profiles, structured finance, and notable deals--to commercial finance professionals.

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