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Fintech leaders rely on Finley for debt capital management

Scale like the best: see how you can turn capital markets into a competitive advantage

Managing over $3 billion for today's top fintechs

Save months of in-house development time

Save on capital and development costs by automating routine credit facility management tasks like borrowing base reporting and draw requests. Make sure there are no delays in your regular funding.

Maximize and protect your debt capital

Hold on to your funding: ensure credit agreement compliance by monitoring covenant statuses in a central dashboard. Enable proactive credit facility management. Never miss a capital provider deadline.

Make informed decisions for the future

Centralize knowledge from across your organization by managing amendments, waivers, and other key documents in one place. Protect your organization from key-man risk. Be ready to expand to multiple credit facilities and securitization.


Finley helps borrowers make the most of their credit facility

  • Ingest asset, bank, and loan data in real time
  • Automatically generate and optimize funding request XLSX and PDF submissions
  • A central hub for covenant monitoring and compliance


Stay in the know with automatic alerts and updates

  • Receive email and Slack updates on borrowing base trends and facility requirements
  • Get notifications if you approach covenant thresholds
  • Visualize key trends across funding sources


Scale to multiple credit facilities and securitization

  • Track balances, fees, and advance rates across facilities
  • Apply rules-based receivables assignment
  • Prepare for alternative funding sources

Learn more about debt capital

Product demo video: Finley for asset managers

Finley named to 2024 Fintech Innovation 50 list by GGV Capital

What are debt capital markets?

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