To Buy or To Build?

See why customers ranging from high-growth technology companies to publicly traded financial institutions choose to partner with Finley rather than develop tools in-house.  
Customer Spotlight
"Finley brings capital markets automation supported by the best experts in the business. The software is easily saving us 3 FTEs across Finance and Engineering, and that value will only increase as we roll out ABS and/or loan sale deals in the future."
Nik Koblov
Head of Engineering, Ramp
Why partner with Finley?
Deploy a Trusted Solution
Designing, developing, and maintaining an internal solution comes with unpredictable timelines and no guarantee of success. Finley has been designed for rapid implementation and tested across all asset types.
Save Money, Now and Later
Customers like Ramp and Coast have saved 2-3 FTEs with Finley across Data, Engineering, and Finance. What's more, the value of Finley increases over time as debt management needs become more sophisticated.
Go Beyond Basic Debt Management
In-house solutions often focus on automating routine tasks like covenant checks and funding requests. Finley's software layers additional capabilities on top, such as proactive alerting, multi-facility optimization, and scenario planning.
How Finley Delivers a High ROI
Typical Return on Investment
Schedule a demo to learn more about Finley's software and receive a custom ROI consultation.
Headcount Savings
2-3 FTE
Efficiency and headcount savings per credit facility, according to customers like Ramp and Coast
Risk Reduction
Credit agreement fields digitized and tracked for compliance, leading to peace of mind for Finance leaders