Platform Overview

From digitizing your credit agreements to streamlining your funding operations, Finley streamlines every step of capital markets operations.
One System for Debt Capital Automation, Monitoring, and Analysis
Automate Key Operations
Finley works on top of core banking systems, loan management systems, and other key platforms to automate covenant management, portfolio monitoring, and other mission-critical debt capital tasks.
Ensure Programmatic Compliance
Credit agreements and other loan documents are typically lengthy, complex, and unstructured. Finley digitizes these rules and surfaces compliance updates to users, enabling proactive debt capital monitoring.
Perform Advanced Analysis
Finley helps customers centralize and audit debt capital data in near real time. Then, Finley layers analytics and dashboards on top of this data so that analysts and leaders can gain insights into their portfolio performance.
Debt Capital Data Foundation
Smart debt capital management requires automated workflows and holistic risk monitoring. With Finley, you can automate or verify collateral calculations, examine portfolio trends, and communicate with counterparties more effectively.
  • Comprehensive data integrations with asset, bank, loan, and other types of key debt capital data
  • Digital Credit Agreement that turns loan terms into structured data
  • Built-in data repository for tracking key loan terms, reporting files, and time-series data
Flexible Automation Engine
Ensuring on-time funding is important for both borrowers and lenders. Finley helps ensure collateral adequacy and streamlined transactions by accelerating the data verification and report generation processes.
  • Automated calculations of borrowing bases, interest accrual, and waterfall payments
  • Ability to generate form DOCX and XLSX files for funding requests and other compliance tasks
  • Configurable alerts and reports to ensure nothing slips through the cracks
Comprehensive Analytics
Traditionally, debt capital has been hard to monitor over time, as reporting files are siloed in different locations and are hard to aggregate and query. Finley's datalake enables lenders and borrowers to track and view asset performance over time.
  • Built-in dashboards for monitoring asset performance (e.g., vintage curves), borrowing base trends, and financial and portfolio covenant compliance
  • Ability to perform hypothetical scenario modeling for different funding actions
  • All data can be exported in open file formats for further analysis
Customer Spotlight
“When we looked for off-the-shelf software solutions that could meet our needs, we couldn’t find one that could handle the nuances of our credit agreement. Finley helps us minimize risk and saves our finance and engineering teams dozens of hours a month.”
Eric Glyman
Chief Executive Officer, Ramp