Funding Automation

From digitizing your credit agreements to streamlining your funding operations, Finley streamlines every step of capital markets operations.
Streamline and Monitor All Funding Activities with Software
Ensure Funding Readiness at All Times
Finley processes borrowing base availability and applies funding mechanics at all times, enabling funding request generation at any time.
One-Click Funding Request Submission
Finley generates full funding request packages that include all required DOCX, PDF, and XLSX files, saving hours of manual file generation and review.
Build a Long-Term Data Foundation
Finley stores a detailed ledger of all transactions, so users can review historical facility or portfolio activity, and uses that data to power data analysis and visualizations within the application.
Proprietary Calculation Agent
At the core of all Finley's funding workflows is a proprietary, software-driven Calculation Agent. Think of this as the "engine" that powers all of Finley's borrowing base calculations.

It's capable of handling any type of credit agreement stipulation, and bringing in external data like benchmark interest rates when necessary.
  • Adaptable across all asset-backed transaction types
  • Capable of processing daily data tapes containing millions of rows
  • Configurable to support any foreign exchange rate or interest regime
Flexible Engine for Funding Request Processing
How often can you draw from your credit facility? What are the specific types of forms you need to submit to execute a cash recycling request? 

Finley's Funding Request capability evaluates the rules of your credit agreement and generates an accurate funding request package every time.
  • Support for DOCX, PDF, and XLSX generation
  • Immediate emission insights
  • Proactive sustainability management
Scale Across Funding Sources
As companies bring in new sources of funding, they face the challenge of coordinating their asset allocation across different facilities with different sets of rules.

Finley's Receivables Assignment engine helps you optimize your cash position and effective advance rate programmatically.
  • Rules-based collateral allocation (i.e., receivable pledging)
  • Scenario planning across funding sources
  • Intelligent receivable assignment across multiple facilities
Feature Spotlight
"With Finley's point-and-click funding request solution, you can know the maximum amount that you can request and how long it will take for the funds to arrive, in order to really project how much your cash needs will be going into the future."
Callie Tausig
Capital Markets, Finley