All-in-one debt capital management software for startups

Finley helps leading startups like Ramp, Even, and Ribbon automate credit facility operations by ensuring compliance and streamlining capital provider reporting.

Backed by top financial technology investors


Your business moves fast. Your funding should, too.

  • Automate routine capital provider reporting
  • Streamline draw requests and compliance checks
  • Be ready to expand to multiple credit facilities


The first borrower management platform that puts you in the driver’s seat

  • Centralize borrower reports
  • Set up proactive alerting on covenants
  • Reduce human error by automating routine operations


Finley enables seed- and growth-stage fintechs to plan and execute their debt capital strategies.

Real estate

Finley empowers real estate startups to prepare diligence and reporting for their capital providers.

Transportation & logistics

Finley helps transportation startups finance vehicle purchases and other operational expenses with debt capital.

“Finley is purpose-built to help growing startups manage their capital markets function, which is why I recommend it.”

Dalton Caldwell

Managing Director at Y Combinator

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