Rethink Your Credit Facility Management

Streamline your debt capital operations, monitor your collateral trends, and maximize your capital availability with Finley's asset-backed lending software.
Empower Your Finance Team
Credit Agreement and Covenant Tracking
Quickly see key credit agreement terms and conditions with Finley's digital credit agreement.

Plus, stay on top of covenants and upcoming debt capital deliverables, such as servicer reports and financial statements.
Funding Request Automation
Save dozens of hours monthly by integrating your asset and bank data and automating your borrowing base reports.

Maximize funding availability by using Finley's receivable assignment engine to optimize your effective advance rate.
Smart Alerts and Dashboards
Never miss an update. Receive email and Slack alerts when credit facility KPIs exceed predefined thresholds.

Use Finley's customizable dashboards to monitor trends in your effective advance rate and other key metrics.
Watch a 1-Minute Product Overview
View a 1-minute video walkthrough of Finley's key Borrower capabilities, including the Digital Credit Agreement, Funding Requests, and Insights.
Digital Credit Agreement
Finley creates a single source of truth for monitoring credit agreement obligations, collateral performance over time, and other relevant asset data.  
  • Digital credit agreement for viewing all obligations in one place, including key covenants deliverables
  • Support for data tape transfer via SFTP, AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Built-in integrations to pull accounting and bank data from thousands of data sources
One-Click Funding Request Generation
Speeding up access to funding can help your company run more efficiently and reduce business uncertainty. See how Finley's one-click funding request can scale from one to many different source of debt capital.
  • Dynamic funding workflow for sizing and executing funding requests for one or more credit facilities
  • Flexible file generation with support for DOCX, PDF, and XLSX templates and outputs
  • Experience working with all major providers of asset-backed debt
Advanced Portfolio Analytics
Monitor all your most important debt capital metrics directly from Finley.
  • Borrowing base trend analysis
  • Vintage curve generation and visualization
  • Configurable capital markets KPI engine
Optimize your business by optimizing your funding.
Funding Request Acceleration
Finley helps customers reduce funding request generation time by dozens of hours.
Development Time Saved
500 hrs
Finley saves hundreds of hours of Software Engineering, Data, and Finance team resources (in buy v. build comparison).
Continuous Data Checks
Finley runs hundreds of data quality checks every time new data is uploaded or processed, to ensure report accuracy.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Finley?
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Finley is software designed to simplify debt capital management. Its platform enables customers to automate every part of debt capital operations, from ensuring credit agreement compliance and centralizing reports, to setting up covenant alerts and conducting data analysis.
Who are Finley's users?
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Finley's primary users are Capital Markets teams, Finance teams, and business executives.
Do capital providers have to review Finley prior to borrower adoption?
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No, Finley's automation engine produces all required debt capital outputs (e.g., borrowing base or servicer reports) in the file formats that capital providers are accustomed to. Finley has experience working with the majority of major banks and credit funds, including Atalaya, Citi, Clear Haven, Cross River Bank, Goldman Sachs, i80, Upper90, and Waterfall Asset Management.
What is Finley's implementation timeline?
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Finley implements by digitizing customer credit agreements, integrating with key data sources (including asset data and relevant bank accounts), and configuring analytics. This timeline from kickoff to "go-live" varies by customer, though it generally requires no more than several weeks.
What post-Sales support does Finley provide?
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Finley's post-Sales teams are Capital Markets and Customer Success. Both teams work with Finley customers to ensure rapid implementation and full adoption of Finley's software.
Customer Spotlight
“When we looked for off-the-shelf software solutions that could meet our needs, we couldn’t find one that could handle the nuances of our credit agreement. Finley helps us minimize risk and saves our finance and engineering teams dozens of hours a month.”
Eric Glyman
Chief Executive Officer, Ramp