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Building the future of capital markets software

Our mission

At Finley, we're building software to accelerate the pace of capital, starting with tools for debt capital borrowers and providers.

Our vision

Many of today's most innovative companies rely on debt capital to reach their full potential. Across industries like finance, real estate, and transportation, debt capital can be the difference between hypergrowth and stagnation.

Yet capital providers and borrowers alike are stuck with legacy systems. That means slow transactions, disjointed processes, and limited visibility.

When our CEO Jeremy Tsui worked in finance, he saw that debt capital management can hold companies back—or give them a competitive advantage. It all depends on whether they have the right tools to manage their debt capital.

Finley simplifies debt capital raise and management. Our software helps growing companies automate due diligence, ensure compliance, and streamline ongoing reporting with their capital providers. By bringing best-in-class technologies to a decades-old space, our software helps innovative companies and their lenders spend less time on routine tasks and more time on what matters.

Our team

We're a team of finance and technology experts who believe that the next wave of industry-changing companies need smart capital management solutions in order to unlock growth. Check out the latest updates at our official LinkedIn page.

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