Asset Verification

Verifying the accuracy of origination data is crucial to executing asset-backed transactions.

Leverage Finley's modern Verification Agent capabilities to ensure that your collateral data quality is accurate and consistent.
Asset Verification Capabilities
Ensure Trust with Data Accuracy Checks
Ensure that data in loan tapes matches the source files from which that data has been pulled (e.g., scanned invoices or computer-generated reports). Finley uses AI-powered capabilities for verification against source documents.
Data Consistency and Quality Checks
Check your most recent data tapes against previously submitted versions. Run consistency checks for metadata fields that should remain constant over time (e.g., founding year, industry, etc.).
Central Record of Verification Results
View the results of data accuracy and consistency checks in Finley's platform. Receive feedback on verification status in near real time.
Feature Spotlight
Finley's Verification Suite enables asset managers to instantly identify discrepancies between loan tapes and source data, as well as borrowing base or covenant miscalculations. Finley's verification workflows also allows lenders and borrowers to identify and fix data errors in a shared online portal.
Customer Spotlight
“When we looked for off-the-shelf software solutions that could meet our needs, we couldn’t find one that could handle the nuances of our credit agreement. Finley helps us minimize risk and saves our finance and engineering teams dozens of hours a month.”
Eric Glyman
Chief Executive Officer, Ramp