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Finley for asset managers

Manage funding, data, and risk across your portfolio of borrowers with Finley's calculation and verification suite.

Powering lender-borrower interactions in ABL


Protect your portfolio

Asset-backed loans require proactive monitoring and holistic management. With Finley, you can automate or verify collateral calculations, examine portfolio trends, and communicate with borrowers more effectively.

Digitized credit agreements

Master the details of your entire portfolio; quickly see key credit terms and conditions in Finley.

Borrowing base verification

Ensure collateral adequacy. See if borrower data passes QA checks, and if eligibility and concentration limits have been calculated correctly.

Funding request administration

Review and execute funding requests from borrowers with a few clicks. Maintain a centralized audit log and ledger.

Deliverable tracking

Stay on top of all upcoming borrower deliverables. Build and maintain a comprehensive document repository.

Alerts and monitoring

Never miss an update. Receive e-mail and Slack alerts when credit facility KPIs exceed predefined thresholds.

Asset dashboards and insights

Manage your portfolio proactively. Monitor trends across borrowers, vintages, and asset classes.

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