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Seamless data integration

In addition to supporting manual data upload, Finley integrates with collateral and financial data from data warehouses, loan management systems, and business intelligence tools.


Create a central source of truth

Unify bank, collateral, and credit agreement data. Finley's automatic and manual upload capabilities help you validate and combine data across asset types, financial institutions, and disparate software systems.

Flexibility across systems

Finley integrates with a variety of cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) and loan management systems.

Modern bank data connections

Finley leverages multiple bank data providers to ensure comprehensive coverage across financial institutions.

Experience across transaction types

Finley uses data integrations designed and tested for a variety of bank account types, loan data schemas, and funding mechanics.

Flexible data integration for borrowers and asset managers

Credit agreement fields digitized and tracked
Active bank provider integrations
Data warehouse and LMS integrations

"Finley’s software helps us pull in data from across our systems and streamline many aspects of debt capital management for our $300 million credit facility with Goldman Sachs."

Loraine Tang

VP of Tax and Treasury at Navan (TripActions)

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