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Deliverable tracking

Reporting deliverables can be difficult to track manually. Finley centralizes deliverable due dates, reminders, and work products in a single place.


Know what's on the horizon

Traditionally, borrowers and lenders have tracked deliverable due dates with sticky notes and calendar reminders. Finley's Deliverable Tracking capability automatically tracks key due dates and files across your company or portfolio, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

Automatic due date generation

Finley generates due dates and reminders based on credit agreement stipulations, so you don't have to manually calculate due dates.

Alerts and monitoring

Never miss an update. Receive e-mail and Slack alerts when deliverables are coming due.

Central document repository

Break down information silos and ensure business continuity by using Finley's deliverables and document repository.

"Finley is an exceptional solution, helps us minimize risk, and saves our finance and engineering teams dozens of hours a month."

Eric Glyman

Co-Founder, CEO at Ramp

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