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The rise of financial technology, or fintech, has been one of the most exciting trends in technology over the past decade. Large fintech companies like Affirm, SoFi, and Opendoor have fundamentally changed the way consumers obtain educations, buy homes, and finance everyday purchases, and rising fintech companies are sure to power innovations in fast-growing areas like clean energy finance and creator royalties.

One key to the rapid growth of fintech has been startups’ strategic use of debt capital in fueling company expansion, particularly for those fintechs that have a lending component.

Despite the size of the global fintech market ($7 trillion), there remains very little information online about how fintechs can raise debt capital. Many promising fintechs realize too late that raising and managing debt capital is just as critical to their success as finding and retaining customers.

That’s why we put together this guide to raising debt capital. It covers the people, processes, and partners fintech founders and finance leaders need to put in place to successfully execute a debt capital raise. Our hope is that this guide helps fintech companies streamline their debt capital raise and management, which will enable them to spend less time worrying about capital availability and more time focusing on serving their customers.

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Finley is debt capital management software that helps lenders and borrowers save time and money by automating routine credit facility management tasks. Today, Finley manages over $2 billion in debt capital for high-growth companies like Ramp, Parafin, and Arc. If you're interested in learning more about software that can help you streamline your debt capital raise and management, just schedule a demo or take a self-guided product tour of Finley. We'd love to chat!

Cross River Bank is a technology-driven financial services organization that provides core infrastructure and embedded financial solutions with regulatory compliance. Thank you to Len Losquadro from Cross River's Strategic Direct Lending group for contributing to this piece. The SDL group at Cross River pursues collateral-based investment opportunities, offering platform originators the ability to leverage assets across major ABS Sectors. To learn more, visit

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