Finley named to inaugural SMBTech 50 list

We're proud to have been named to the inaugural SMBTech 50 list, a list of 50 companies that are leading the way in powering SMB growth.

The list of 50 companies, which was prepared by GGV Capital, Nasdaq, and Crunchbase, includes well-established startups like Canva, Gusto, and Lever, as well as Finley customers Ramp, Parafin, and AtoB. The companies on the list have raised over $12 billion in funding, in total, and 18 companies on the list have a valuation of over $1 billion. The list was selected by over 30 VC firms from a longer ballot of 200 companies (you can read about the selection methodology here).

Finley named to inaugural SMBTech 50 list by GGV Capital, Nasdaq, and Crunchbase
Finley named to inaugural SMBTech 50 list by GGV Capital, Nasdaq, and Crunchbase

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are a critical part of the United States' economic growth, but they don't always have the operational and financial tools available to large enterprises; smart software solutions can help SMBs scale their operations and growth in creative ways.

Here's GGV Capital on why the SMBTech 50 matters:

"With more than $500 billion in public market value today, the SMBTech ecosystem is emerging as an innovative, high-growth investment sector. SMBs employ more than 60% of the U.S. workforce, and there are more than 30 million SMB companies in the U.S. ... To recognize the success of the SMBTech industry, GGV Capital—in partnership with Crunchbase—has launched the inaugural SMBTech 50 list, the first list to recognize the growth and potential of startups that serve small and medium-sized businesses."

Want to learn more?

You can find the full SMBTech 50 list here, or read GGV Capital's press release.

Much of today's SMB lending is powered by startups. These startups make capital more accessible to SMBs. Finley provides debt capital infrastructure to help fintech startups manage credit facilities.

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