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Finley named to Fintech Innovation 50

We're proud to have been named to the inaugural Fintech Innovation 50, an annual list highlighting the most innovative emerging and established fintech companies.

Here's what Hans Tung, Managing Partner at GGV Capital, had to say about the list:

"FI50 isn’t just a list—it’s a testament to the spirit of innovation, perseverance, and belief in the long-term potential of fintech. It’s also a community that we want to foster where we can exchange ideas and best practices."

Here’s a closer look at this year’s list (statistics from GGV Capital):

💸 Collectively, the 50 companies have raised $12 billion.

🚀 Half are early-stage Series A or B companies that have raised less than $60 million. Fifteen honorees are mid-stage companies that have raised $60-$150 million. Ten honorees are late-stage companies that have raised more than $150 million.

🗽🌉 About 80% of the companies are based in New York or San Francisco.

Celebrating the opening bell with the other honorees
Celebrating the opening bell with the other honorees

The list of 50 companies was prepared by GGV Capital and Nasdaq.

Emerging trends in fintech innovations

According to GGV Capital, the key themes for this year's companies were:

AI in financial services. Solutions that leverage traditional machine learning and generative AI to enhance financial workflows, credit underwriting, and fraud detection.

Treasury/deposit. ‍Solutions that offer high-interest banking accounts to businesses in a high-interest rate environment, enabling companies to put idle cash to work.

Financial infrastructure. ‍Solutions that provide fintechs with greater data access, faster time-to-market for launching financial products, and more automated financial operations

Office of the CFO. ‍Solutions that automate financial workflows including payments, budgeting, and accounting to empower CFOs to serve a more strategic function to the org.

Lending. Solutions that offer credit with faster underwriting and lower cost of capital to underserved consumers and small businesses.

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You can find the full Fintech Innovation 50 list here.

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