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Intelligent funding automation

From routine draw and recycle requests to more complicated transactions, Finley establishes process guardrails and produces the key deliverables required for processing transactions.


Process funding requests with a few clicks

Finley helps streamline funding requests, one of the key interactions between borrowers and lenders. In addition to checking requests for accuracy and completeness, Finley keeps a timestamped audit log of all actions, so you know exactly what happened, and when.

Proprietary calculation agent

Finley processes borrowing base availability and funding mechanics in near real time, enabling dynamic funding request generation and verification.

Transaction-level ledger

Finley stores a detailed ledger of all transactions, so you can always stay on top of facility or portfolio activity.

Document generation and approval

Finley generates full funding request packages and other necessary documentation as needed, ensuring borrower and lender compliance.

"Finley is an exceptional solution, helps us minimize risk, and saves our finance and engineering teams dozens of hours a month."

Eric Glyman

Co-Founder, CEO at Ramp

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