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How should financial technology and other companies think about raising debt capital, and asset-backed credit facilities in particular? What process, personnel, and term sheet considerations should founders and operators keep in mind? How can simple process considerations streamline diligence and negotiation?

Navigating these topics is crucial to the success of many financial technology and lending companies, but resources on how to raise and manage debt capital are few and far between. To give companies the tools they need to succeed, we're excited to announce the launch of the Finley podcast, a series of interviews with debt capital operators.

In our first episode, a 20-minute conversation hosted by Finley Capital Markets team member Callie Tausig, fintech expert Nick Rockwell walks through why debt capital is important for startups, the key stages of raising debt capital, and tips for streamlining the debt capital diligence and negotiating process.

To watch or listen to the interview, check out either of the links below:

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What you'll learn

Why is debt capital important in fueling the growth of startups and lending companies?

What kinds of companies can use asset-backed debt, and why?

What are the 5-6 phases to raising debt capital?

How can companies put together a data room or diligence package for capital providers?

What are ways for startups to show performance history?

How can companies compare different term sheets from lenders?

About Nick Rockwell

Nick Rockwell has spent his entire 15-year career at the intersection of finance and technology including stints on Wall Street and at venture-backed fintech and insurtech startups.

For the last 9+ years, he has built and owned revenue lines (with deep experience in credit) for three different technology companies that are each disrupting the financial services industry.

Nick's experience includes: Ascend, where he was the second employee and led a $250M credit facility raise and built all early go-to-market motions; CircleUp, where he was a GP of the Credit Fund and repositioned that business for growth by tightly integrating the proprietary data source “Helio” for better targeting/underwriting; and Funding Circle, where he led all US direct and channel sales and was a member of the US leadership team during its IPO on the LSE in October 2018.

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Finley is debt capital management software that helps high-growth startups save time and money by automating routine credit facility management tasks. Today, Finley manages over $2 billion in debt capital for high-growth fintechs like Ramp, Parafin, and Arc. If you're interested in learning more about software that can help you streamline your debt capital raise and management, just schedule a demo or take a self-guided product tour of Finley. We'd love to chat!

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