The problem

In industries ranging from finance to real estate to transportation, high-growth startups are transforming the way we plan our finances, save up for homes, and travel to work.

But when it comes to accessing capital, these new-school companies face an old-school challenge: because they need debt capital to grow, their entire businesses sit on top of opaque credit arrangements with traditional capital providers (think 200-page PDFs written in legalese).

But while the speed and scale of business lending have transformed, the tools available to debt capital borrowers haven’t. Which means high-growth businesses often find themselves worrying about bank penalties and legal paperwork rather than spending time on their core business: serving their customers.

Introducing Finley

Enter Finley, the first capital raise technology designed for high-growth companies, particularly those in the capital raise process. From conducting due diligence to analyzing loans to actively monitoring compliance with credit agreements, Finley helps debt capital borrowers streamline their compliance, due diligence, and reporting operations.

We’re Jeremy Tsui, Kevin Suh, and Josiah Tsui, and we founded Finley to help innovative companies take control of their own growth. If you’re a startup interested in planning, executing, or monitoring your debt capital strategy, we’d love to chat about how Finley can help!

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