Launching a self-serve resource for learning to use Finley

Debt capital and credit facility management require a combination of in-house legal, financial, and technology expertise. For fast-growing companies, handling debt capital management manually can be a huge drain on internal resources and slow down growth. That's why companies like Ramp, Parafin, and Arc partner with Finley to automate their credit facilities. When access to hundreds of millions of dollars is at stake, it makes sense to use technology like Finley to put guardrails around credit facility operations, compliance, and automation.

The world of manual debt capital management is messy and involves time-consuming tasks like CSV data validation, spot-checking XLSX files, and going through long email back-and-forths with your capital provider. Transitioning from this world to automatic credit facility management brings significant time and cost savings, but it does require some training and documentation.

That's where Finley's Knowledge Base comes in. It goes through each of Finley's modules in depth and provides step-by-step instructions for setting up, using, and maintaining Finley. Think of the Knowledge Base as a one-stop shop for all your questions around how to maximize the value you get from Finley's software, as well as a supplement to the help and training you get from Finley's Capital Markets team.

Introducing Finley's Knowledge Base, a comprehensive user manual for using our software
Introducing Finley's Knowledge Base, a comprehensive user manual for using our software

With our Knowledge Base, you can get quick answers to questions like:

👉 How do I set up Finley's Slack integration to get alerts on credit facility activity?

👉 How can I use the Funding Request module to automate credit facility draw request preparation?

👉 What sort of credit facility ledger information does Finley's Statement view store for me?

To see it for yourself, check it out here!

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Finley is debt capital management software that helps high-growth startups save time and money by automating routine credit facility management tasks. Today, Finley manages over $2 billion in debt capital for high-growth fintechs like Ramp, Parafin, and Cherry. If you're interested in learning more about software that can help you streamline your debt capital raise and management, just request a demo of Finley. We'd love to chat!

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