Congratulations, Ping!

We're thrilled to announce that Finley Capital Markets team member Ping Ying Goh has been named one of the Top 50 Women in ABL by the Asset-Based Finance Journal.

The award is well-deserved: Ping was an attorney before joining the world of startups and fintech, and she has time and time again shown the ability to combine subject matter expertise with creativity and entrepreneurship. The full list of award recipients can be found on the ABF website and includes financial services, investment, and legal leaders from across the world of asset-backed finance.

How Ping has provided continued innovation in asset-based Lending

Asset-based finance is a complex and yet economically critical space. Building and implementing technology in the space is doubly complicated; practitioners need to understand how transactions work, how technology can make those transactions more efficient, and how to prioritize new capabilities while also keeping customer needs in mind.

Congratulations, Ping Ying Goh, on being named one of ABF Journal's Top 50 Women in Asset-Backed Lending
Congratulations, Ping Ying Goh, on being named one of ABF Journal's Top 50 Women in Asset-Backed Lending

Here's the Asset-Based Finance Journal on why Ping received the award:

Ping Ying Goh was the first business hire at Finley Technologies, an asset-based lending software vendor, and has scaled the company’s products and team through several rounds of venture-backed funding, most notably by CRV and Bain Capital Ventures. Goh’s core belief is that software can unlock transparency and efficiency in asset-backed transactions, particularly those in financial technology, a $500 billion segment of the ABL market.

As a former partner in the financial services department of a Singapore-based law firm, Goh has developed the view that all operations in ABL can be thought of as steps in a workflow and can thus be digitized and automated. Her vision for a fully automated asset-based credit facility has guided Finley Technologies’ growth across different asset classes and borrower types.

Currently, Goh leads Finley Technologies’ capital markets operations and is poised to expand its software offerings to work with banks, specialty lenders and borrowers. She spearheaded a novel technology structure in ABL: the use of automated collateral tracking software as a “calculation agent” in fintech lending. Citi used this first-of-its-kind arrangement in providing a $300 million asset-based credit facility to Ramp, a corporate card and payment company. Not only does this new solution pave the way for new types of software automation in specialty lending and asset-backed debt, it also sets a legal precedent for new types of private credit interactions with technology.

In addition to her previous experience in the legal world, Goh was an early hire at Hustle Flywheel, a revenue-based lender associated with Hustle Fund VC, successfully launching an international, tech-enabled lender and managing all asset-backed transactions associated with funding originations.

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