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At Finley, we’re dedicated to streamlining every step of debt capital management. From integrating disparate datasets to helping optimize portfolio performance, we’re creating software that enables all lenders and corporate borrowers to simplify the way they manage their capital markets operations. Here’s the latest on what we’ve been building.

Aggregate Loan-to-Value Chart

We’ve released an aggregate loan-to-value chart, which makes it easier for both borrowers and lenders to get a high-level snapshot of their loan-to-value (LTV) ratios and offers critical insights at a glance.

The aggregate LTV chart enables a more nuanced analysis of your LTV ratios by incorporating various metrics that reflect different aspects of your financial position:

Collateral Covenant LTV: Focuses on the outstanding loan balance in relation to the borrowing base, as defined in your credit agreement.

Net Outstanding LTV: Evaluates the outstanding loan balance net of cash in a secured collections account compared to the borrowing base, as defined in the credit agreement.

Performing LTV: Assesses the outstanding loan balance in comparison to the performing assets within the borrowing base.

Lenders can leverage this feature to view aggregate values across their entire portfolio or select combinations of their facilities. Customers can easily find the exact formula used for our LTV metrics on our Calculation Terminologies page.

New Borrowing Base Module

We’ve included a new Borrowing Base module into our Facility Summary page. This upgrade streamlines the way both borrowers and lenders interact with crucial financial data, making the analysis of Borrowing Base calculations more straightforward and accessible.

Previously, customers might have relied on ad hoc Excel spreadsheets to create, calculate, and track these figures. Now, this process is simplified within the Finley portal, where users can effortlessly view a comprehensive breakdown of their Borrowing Base calculations for any chosen reporting date, all on a single page.

This digitized solution offers several features designed to provide a clear, detailed view of your financials, including the ability to:

👉 Filter by reporting period

👉 Easily view the initial receivable balance

👉 Understand the impact of eligibility criteria and concentration limits on your Borrowing Base with clear, concise breakdowns

👉 View the details of any cash contributions and the applicable advance rates for each loan product

The Calculation Terminologies Page

We’ve created a dedicated page for Calculation Terminologies. This valuable resource acts as a comprehensive glossary of terms and concepts used throughout the Finley platform, complete with standardized formulas where relevant.

Engaging with this new page is intuitive and user-friendly:

Search with Ease: Users can effortlessly search for specific terms to find their definitions and associated formulas, making it simple to get the information you need without delay.

On-the-Go References: While navigating through the Finley app, users can quickly refer to these definitions and formulas by clicking on the tooltip icon, ensuring vital information is always at their fingertips.

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Finley is private credit management software that helps private credit borrowers and asset managers streamline and monitor asset-backed loans. From tracking covenants and deliverables, to assembling funding requests and analyzing asset performance, Finley gives borrowers and lenders peace of mind when it comes to debt capital management. For more, check out our Product page.

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