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What is Finley?

Finley is a B2B fintech company. Our software helps high-growth fintechs like Ramp, Parafin, and Even manage over $1 billion in debt funding. We do this by automating and centralizing credit facility funding operations, reporting, and knowledge management.

Our mission is to accelerate the pace of capital, starting with tools to help innovative companies manage credit facilities.

Open positions at Finley

We're looking for new team members across four critical roles:

Software Engineers. Build mission-critical financial infrastructure on a modern tech stack. Help scale our engineering team over time.

Implementation Software Engineers. Integrate customer financial systems with Finley's debt capital data and automation platform. Design and implement processes and tools to help accelerate Finley onboarding.

Account Executives. Sell a category-defining SaaS product in a large market that has been underserved by technology. Help build and scale our Sales function.

Capital Markets Associates. Own client relationships, shape our product roadmap, and implement the first lender-borrower relationship platform for the debt capital markets.

What's it like to work at Finley?

Finance and software startups have traditionally had very different cultures. Finance has tended to be more structured and slower-moving, while technology companies have prided themselves on iterating quickly and having less rigid organizational structures.

As a fintech company, we believe there's value in taking the best of both approaches. Because we help companies manage hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, we know how important it is for our software to be accurate, precise, and reliable. At the same time, we know that changing an industry requires bold thinking and rapid development. Getting that balance right is the key to our long-term success.

You'll see the same balance of forethought and innovation in the way we work with each other. We're a team of finance and software experts with experience from companies like Atlassian, Blend, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company and Nova Credit. We're creative, collaborative, driven individuals who are comfortable with autonomy early on and excited to build structures that scale our own impact over time.

Why you should work at Finley

If you’re passionate about financial technology and working closely with both Business and Engineering teams, this is an excellent opportunity to join a high-growth enterprise technology startup backed by Y Combinator and Bain Capital Ventures—one with a top-notch customer base, strong revenue foundation, and ambitious product vision.

To learn more about our leadership and product vision, check out this conversation with CTO Kevin Suh or this interview with CEO Jeremy Tsui.

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