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Insights: analytics and risk assessment

Accurate, detailed reporting is the key to making smarter decisions in asset-backed lending. Finley's configurable dashboards help you track the performance of your collateral.


Ensure better decision-making across the organization

Keep an eye on collateral pool composition, eligibility criteria, concentration limits, and facility triggers with Finley's configurable dashboards.

Accurate, auditable data

Because Finley conducts data validation and transformation behind the scenes, your dashboards come triple-checked.

Alerts and monitoring

Never miss an update. Receive e-mail and Slack alerts when credit facility KPIs exceed predefined thresholds.

Configurable queries and insights

Finley supports custom queries and exports data in open file formats, for follow-up analysis.

Trusted by top borrowers and capital providers

Average improvement in reporting efficiency
Total debt capital managed
Credit agreement fields digitized and tracked

"Finley’s software helps us pull in data from across our systems and streamline many aspects of debt capital management for our $300 million credit facility with Goldman Sachs."

Loraine Tang

VP of Tax and Treasury at Navan (TripActions)

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